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November 2, 2011
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You skipped over to the counter and ordered your favorite drink. You were wearing only a small, grey coat, light blue pants, white, knee high socks and black boots. This was along with a kitty hat. People stared at you as if you were nuts. It was the middle of winter, who could blame them? Paying them no mind and being used to it you waited for your order. You hummed a little song you had stuck in your head until you got your drink. You sat down and stared at the white look alike fairies that were snow. Your gaze was focused on the snow until the bell of the café rang. A young man had just came in and was wearing a huge jacket and jeans? He was shivering so violently that you thought he was like those weird armchairs that massaged people. He ordered a hot chocolate and waited. His gaze fixed on you. The snow had slowly begun to fall a little faster as you looked away very quickly. Spacing out into a trance again you watched the snow fall. 'I wish it would snow like this every day…' You thought with a sigh escaping your lips.
"Hey, is this seat taken?" Someone asked. You didn't notice him due to your state. He tapped you on the shoulder to get your attention. You almost yelped when you felt this but instead you whipped your head around super-fast. "U-um… is this seat taken?" He asked again suddenly taken back.
"Oh, no, you can sit there." You smiled. He grinned back and took the seat across from you. You could finally get a good look at him. Blue eyes, sandy blond hair with a cow lick, huge coat and a hat. 'Interesting…' You thought. You sipped your drink and looked back out the window while the dude across from you was getting a good look of you himself. He noticed your dress and shuddered. How could you wear that? He would never know if he didn't ask.
"Aren't you cold?" He asked.
"I mean with what you're wearing… aren't you cold?"
"Oh," you shifted to look at his blue orbs with your [e/c] ones. "No, I'm quite use to it…"
"Well, okay. So… what's your name?" He asked before he sipped his hot chocolate.
"I'm, [Name]. Nice to meet you." You smiled.
"Cute name for a cute girl, I like it. I'm Alfred!" He grinned back.

-Blah blah blah-

You giggled at Alfred's face as he burnt his tongue on his new cup of hot chocolate. What was this, like the fifth one? How is he not full yet? 'How many does he plan to drink?'
"You'd been talking with Alfred for a while now and were actually really intrigued about his personality. His radiant cheerfulness filled the entire café. During your conversations with him he would turn to talk with other people at different tables. Sometimes he would look over to you and wink while talking. Making them laugh and or freak them out a little bit was very intriguing. You would either watch him or the snow.
Right now Alfred was going on and on about fast food and you had completely spaced out just staring at him. 'I wonder if he likes me… probably not. Maybe I should ask. No, we just met! Oh my…'
"[Name]!" Alfred gave you quizzical look before pushing a paper in your face along with a pen.
"Sorry!" You yelped quickly taking the paper and pen. "What were we talking about?"
"I was saying that I need to head out and that we should totally hang out again sometime. Oh and I need you to write your number!" He said with pink dusting his cheeks. You blinked. 'How did he go from fast food to exchanging phone numbers??' You shrugged it off and wrote your number neatly before handing it to him. Alfred grinned and leaned over kissing your forehead before getting up.
"See you later babe!" He laughed walking out of the café. You just sat there before you finally processed what happened. You really hated being spacy sometimes. Blushed dusted your cheeks before you got up, too. That was way too quick plus he forgot his coat.
"H-hey! Wait up! You forgot your coat!" You yelled running out of the café. You saw that he was nowhere to be seen. The wind blew harshly as snow fell quickly.
"But aren't you cold?"
Random drabble is random. :P AmericaXReader

I don't own you or Hetalia
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